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Spy X Family Part 2 Episode 2

The series follows master spy Twilight, who must disguise himself as psychiatrist Loid Forger and build a mock family in order to investigate political leader Donovan Desmond. Unbeknownst to him, his wife, Yor, is actually an assassin known as the Thorn Princess, while his daughter, Anya, has telepathic abilities.[3]

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 2

"Yor's Kitchen": Worried about losing her family, Yor seeks help from Camilla to improve her cooking and learns how to cook a stew from her childhood. However, after cooking for Loid and Anya, Yor realizes she has grown fond of them.

"A Revenge Plot Against Desmond": Anya foils George Glooman's plans to get Damian expelled as revenge for putting his family's company out of business. After gaining sympathy from his classmates, they send him off with a heartfelt farewell. At night, George learns that his family's company is not closing and returns to school the next day, embarrassed.

For international viewers, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be available an hour and a half after its release in Japan. In the United States, the corresponding schedule is:

At Berlint City Hall, Camilla gossips about a thief entering their office and only searching the drawers for information about the girls. However, Millie finds the section chief way creepier as he always ogles her. Sharon states it is due to the short skirts Millie wears, but Millie explains it is because her boyfriend likes them. They see Yor making coffee for the section chief and suggest adding boogers, but Yor wonders if that will make the coffee taste better. Seeing how aloof she is, they comment the guys are probably staying away from her, but she has a nice body and face, and if she uses better clothes and makeup, she will be quite attractive. Yor is fine with her job, but Camilla points out she is 27 and still single. And with the increase in spies, people have started reporting anything that is a bit suspicious, including a recent case where neighbors reported a single woman in her late twenties, and she was taken for questioning. Camilla states she is having a party this weekend and invites Yor to come with a partner.

Later that night, Yor receives a call from her brother Yuri. He worries about her since she is a bit unusual and wonders when she will get married. Yuri explains there is a chance he will be promoted and will become even busier but is worried about leaving Yor alone. He suggests introducing her to someone, but Yor lies that she is going to a party this weekend with a partner. Hearing it is at Camilla's party, Yuri says he will ask Dominic about what type of guy Yor is dating and will chase him away if needed. As he hangs up, Yor starts to wonder what to do and fears that Yuri will lose even more trust in her if he discovers she lied. The phone rings again, and Yor rushes to pick it up to tell Yuri she was joking. However, it is the Shopkeeper on the other end, and he states he has a client for the "Thorn Princess" at Royal Hotel, Room 1307. Yor heads to the location, where the guards tell her the floor is reserved and she needs to leave. Yor states she heard traitorous scumbags are staying there and kills the guards with blades. Entering the room, she explains she is there to kill Vice Minister Brennan from the auditing department and proceeds to kill everyone inside. Yor is an assassin with the code name Thorn Princess, who has been taught these skills since a young age and has been doing dirty work since then. As she washes the blood off, she sees she ruined her only good dress. Looking at the people she killed and recalling she needs a partner, Yor states the only homemaking skill she has is cleaning.

Loid and Anya go to a tailor, and as Anya is getting measured, Loid recalls the files of the women working there. Suddenly, Yor passes behind him without him noticing, bringing the dress she ruined to have it fixed. Loid recalls her file, a single woman with both parents deceased and a younger brother who also works as a civil servant with clean records. Yor notices that Loid has been staring at her and asks him why. Surprised when she noticed his gaze, Loid states he was admiring her beauty. Hearing he likes her appearance and knowing she needs a partner, Yor is about to ask him out, but Anya interrupts. Seeing Loid has a child, Yor backs off as she heard that women have been killed by wives for trying to steal their husbands. Reading her mind, Anya learns that Yor is an assassin, and standing next to a spy, Anya gets super excited. Anya then reads Loid and Yor's minds as they considered each other as potential partners, but both have decided back off. Anya then starts acting lonely, saying she has no mother. This prompts Yor to ask Loid about this, and he explains that his wife died two years ago. Upon learning this, Yor decides to ask him to be her partner for the party. After explaining her situation, Loid agrees, but on the condition that Yor pretends to be his wife during Anya's school interview, as per his "wife's dying wish." Admiring that, Yor also agrees, and the two then arrange to meet again at Saturday's party.

While shopping with Anya, Loid receives instructions for his extra mission in a fake coin change from the cashier. Deciphering it, he learns he needs to retrieve stolen art pieces and eliminate the smuggling ring, and he must carry out the mission at 18 PM on Saturday, which, incidentally, is the same day as the party. On Saturday, he decides to take Franky with him to finish the mission quicker and be able to attend the party. Franky is against it because he is not good at fighting, and Loid has capped his tab. However, Loid offers to let him have one of the art pieces, which motivates Franky. They manage to retrieve the items but face large numbers of enemies, but Loid manages to handle them. As backup comes, they get into the van and run. While Franky wonders which item will go missing, Loid sees a diamond ring and decides to take it, but while Franky argues that it is an expensive item, the reinforcements catch up to them and cause them to crash.

Meanwhile, Yor has been waiting for Loid, who has failed to arrive. To keep her relationship with her coworkers, she goes to the party alone. There, Yor apologizes for being late and says her partner was unable to come. Her coworkers then gossip that they were sure her boyfriend did not exist. Dominic is sorry that he could not meet Yor's boyfriend. Yor asks him if he can tell her brother she was with a kind gentleman, but Camilla disagrees and states she will make sure that Yuri learns that she came alone. Yor then sits alone, looking at the crowd and believing this is the "normal" she can never have. Yor decides to leave, but at that moment, a bloody Loid appears, and he apologizes for being late and introduces himself as Yor's husband, mixing up his and her mission. Loid explains that he is a psychiatrist and that one of his patients had a violent episode. Camilla is surprised to hear Yor is actually married and asks why she has not said so. Loid explains it was probably hard to bring it up, as it is his second marriage, and he has a child from the first. Camilla gets angry, not wanting to believe that Yor has a handsome husband. Wanting to embarrass her, Camilla takes out hot gratin and pretends to trip as she throws it at Yor. However, Yor manages to capture the tray with her feet. Loid admires her dedication to not wasting food but points out she must not use her feet to catch the tray. Camilla then tries to tell Loid that Yor did some questionable work before working at the city hall, where she was called into hotel rooms to give "massages." As that was a cover-up for her assassinations, she attempts to explain it to Loid, but he interrupts her stating it was wonderful. Loid then explains Yor lost her parents at a young age and did everything to care for her younger brother, and having to sacrifice yourself for someone else, requires an incredible amount of dedication.

Loid and Yor then leave, and Loid apologizes for saying he was her husband. The van gets attacked by some of the remaining reinforcements, which causes Loid to wonder if there was a tracking device in the art pieces. He explains that some of his patients still have not recovered from the psychotic episodes, and they need to run. They leave the van, and then Loid manages to knock out two men, explaining that he is using a concussive recovery method. Two more men attack Loid, and he manages to knock the first, but before the second can hit him, Yor kicks him away. She apologizes for helping with the recovery and claims that she learned self-defense from her brother. To her surprise, Loid is amazed by this, and they laugh at how she sent their attacker flying. They continue to run and defeat more men. As they run, Yor suggests they should get married, which shocks Loid. Yor explains that she is considered suspicious for being single, and they can remain together for both of their sakes. Loid agrees and wishes them to go to the city hall right away. He reaches into his pocket only to find a hole and realizes he has lost the diamond ring. As more men appear and they take cover, Loid takes a grenade, pulls the ring, and throws it at the men. As the men explode, Loid uses the grenade ring to propose to Yor, and she agrees.

SPY x FAMILY Part 2 episode 2 will be available on Saturday, October 8, 2022. It will be released on Crunchyroll after making its debut in Japan. Depending on where you live, the local time at which it will become active will differ. Here are the release times for the next episode in different time zones across the globe:

Coming from Toho Animation, Spy X Family has quickly become one of the biggest animes in the world over the past year. Season 1 consists of 25 episodes with the first 12 having aired and released weekly on Netflix in select regions from April through June 2022.

With their interests aligned, the three of them live together while hiding their true identities from each other.The peace of the world is in the hands of this makeshift family that goes through a series of unexpected developments. 041b061a72


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