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Meet The Crew


Aaron 'I'm A Machine' Bloom

For Aaron no distance is too far he can run forever. Aaron is known for his propensity to take it just a bit too far. A hill repeat marathon -> Aaron makes it a 50k. Virtual run across TN -> Aaron runs a marathon a day for month. This guy is ALWAYS going the extra mile. Aaron is the most likely to make the plans, print the directions and still end up lost. 


John 'WCPGW' Main

John is a simple rocket scientist that prefers dogs to people and when in the middle of a long run effort has never met a chair that he doesn't like. The 57 mile Baby Shark aka the OG What Could Possibly Go Wrong? fun run, was the brain child of none other than Mr. John Main. 


Cassy 'Flying Potato' Campanella 

Let the record show: Cassy did not approve this nickname. That said, even she would have to agree that her love of potatoes, prepared in any manor, is mentioned at least once a run. While claiming to be in retirement, Cassy also busts out 5:12 miles just for fun. We think the name speaks for itself. If she claims her name is Splash, it's fake news. 


Jared 'One Oreo Wonder' Campanella 

Jared can usually be found frolicking in the back taking pictures of all the sites, views and people too. If you see a picture on this site that you are impressed with, thank Jared. Jared's super power is the ability to run long distances with little to no caloric intake, no seriously, it's astonishing! I heard, he once ran a 50k on 4 oreos...


Carissa 'Dat Ass' Liebowitz

We are convinced Carissa was a hamster in another life, because she is the QWEEN of timed loop events and claims to enjoy it... Look we don't get it either, but we are happy to help her escape to the mountains any time we can! She is also closing in on being a 10x Boston Marathon finisher, but her most notable achievement is finishing 4 beer miles... in a row! Impressive.


Katherine 'What Time' Vaux

When invited on any adventure, no matter how dumb, Katherine's answer is always yes. She always shows up with a huge smile and plenty of snacks to share. Nothing seems to phase her perpetual positive attitude. Even when her friends withhold the sharing of their trekking poles, or her bike gets crushed against a tree. Katherine has never met a stranger, or, as she likes to say, "I'm in the friends market".


David 'It's A Race' Sullivan

David is a big believer in committing hard to jokes and he doesn't discriminate: good jokes, bad jokes, and even stabbod jokes, he commits to them all. David believes all runs with other people are races... so watch out, he will try to end every run in a sprint finish. David's favorite running outfit: cotton t-shirts and jorts. What is chafing? 

Joe '6-Pack' Chernowski

While yes, Joe does enjoy a good brew (or two) and yes, he also takes his core work VERY seriously, Joe's favorite 6-pack calls him Dad. You heard it here first folks, this guy has 6 kids and trains for ultras. Talk about time management. When he's not running and taking care of his kids, he's making eye contact while farting. It's every bit a weird as it sounds.   

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