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Why You Should Stop Supporting Sims 4 Creators on Patreon

and if you still want to download some cc from the sims 4 websites mods folder while still under 18, then there is no rule saying you cant, as long as you arent directly trading information about anyone or anyone else that has provided a mod to you or threatened to publicly post any cc created by anyone else.

Patreon Must Be Destroyed Sims 4


as stated above if anything you or others are doing is seen as inherently and specifically threatening the privacy of any character, or people in general it will and will be dealt with appropriately. this being the case, imma put out a few more things to consider:

first, anything listed as a "paid" mod / cc creator on their patreon page is most likely paid content. not unlike the base game, most things should be released for free. in these cases however, if you do want to test the content and later on purchase the file, it will be free of charge within 2 or 3 days after the payment has been placed on your patreon account. it takes that long before the creator has to download and release the content, but they have to, given that theyre making money of it. so it is a viable option to throw money at content creators and actually get the content after youve ponied up. or you could just pay once for all the content you want and gain access to the content for the rest of your life.

also, youre free to download any content listed as a "free" mod / cc creator, whether that be a.package file or a.ts4script file. you will be able to browse the content youre interested in and download the mod or script. the creator will also be notified that youre downloading their content and can post any specifics of the file, just so you can be aware of what youre downloading. the creator can in fact prevent you from downloading their content if they wish to. this is ultimately their choice to do so.


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