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Hills of Steel 3: Tank Arena - A Fun and Addictive Team-Based 3D Shooter Game

Hills of Steel 3: A Review of the Latest 3D Arena Shooter

If you are a fan of tank games, you might have heard of the Hills of Steel franchise. It is a series of games that combine physics-based driving, shooting, and destruction in various hill environments. The first game, Hills of Steel, was released in 2017 and became a hit with over 50 million downloads. The second game, Hills of Steel 2, came out in 2019 and added real-time multiplayer battles and more tanks to choose from. Now, in 2023, the third game, Hills of Steel 3, is here to take the franchise to a new level with stunning 3D graphics, team-based arena battles, and tons of customization options.

But is Hills of Steel 3 worth playing? How does it compare to its predecessors and other tank games on the market? In this article, we will give you a comprehensive review of Hills of Steel 3, covering its gameplay, features, graphics, sound, pros, cons, and rating. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the game. So buckle up and get ready for some explosive action!

hills of steel 3

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Gameplay and Features

Hills of Steel 3 is a team-based arena shooter that pits you against other players in fast-paced tank battles. You can play solo or with your friends in online matches that last for about five minutes. The goal is to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible while staying alive. The team with the most kills at the end wins.

How to play

The controls are simple and intuitive. You use a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to move your tank forward or backward. You use another joystick on the right side to aim your turret and fire your weapon. You can also tap a button to activate your tank's special ability, such as a shield, a missile barrage, or a speed boost.

The physics are realistic and fun. Your tank can flip over, bounce off hills, or crash into obstacles. You have to balance your speed, momentum, and angle to maneuver effectively. You also have to account for gravity, wind, and distance when shooting your enemies.

Team battles

The game offers two modes for team battles: Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. In Deathmatch, you simply try to kill as many enemies as possible. In Capture the Flag, you have to capture the enemy's flag and bring it back to your base while defending your own flag from being stolen.

The matches are divided into three leagues: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You start from the Bronze league and have to win matches to climb up the ranks. The higher the league, the tougher the opponents and the bigger the rewards. You can also join or create a clan with other players and compete in clan wars for extra prizes.


The game features over 20 different tanks that you can unlock and upgrade. Each tank has its own stats, weapon, and ability. For example, the Rhino has a powerful cannon, the Cobra has a rapid-fire machine gun, and the Phoenix has a flamethrower. You can also customize your tank's appearance with various skins, stickers, and accessories.

To unlock and upgrade tanks, you need coins, gems, and crates. Coins are the basic currency that you earn by playing matches and completing missions. Gems are the premium currency that you can buy with real money or get from special events. Crates are loot boxes that contain random items, such as coins, gems, tank parts, or skins. You can open crates with keys that you also earn by playing or buy with gems.

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The game rewards you for your performance and progress in various ways. You can earn stars by winning matches and completing missions. Stars help you level up your account and unlock new tanks and features. You can also earn medals by achieving certain milestones, such as killing a number of enemies, capturing a number of flags, or winning a number of matches. Medals give you bonus coins and gems.

Additionally, the game offers daily and weekly challenges that give you extra coins, gems, keys, or crates. You can also participate in seasonal events that have special themes, modes, and rewards. For example, there is a Halloween event that features spooky maps, costumes, and weapons.

Graphics and Sound

Hills of Steel 3 is a visually impressive game that showcases the power of 3D graphics. The game has a cartoonish style that is colorful and vibrant. The tanks are detailed and animated, with realistic physics and damage effects. The environments are diverse and dynamic, with hills, bridges, buildings, trees, and weather changes.

The game also has a great sound design that enhances the gameplay experience. The sound effects are loud and satisfying, with explosions, gunfire, engine noises, and metal clanks. The music is upbeat and catchy, with different tracks for each map and mode. The voice acting is humorous and lively, with different accents and phrases for each tank.

Comparison with previous games

Hills of Steel 3 is a major improvement over Hills of Steel and Hills of Steel 2 in terms of graphics and sound. The previous games had 2D graphics that were simple and pixelated. The tanks were flat and static, with limited animations and effects. The environments were bland and repetitive, with few variations and details. The sound effects were low-quality and generic, with no music or voice acting. Hills of Steel 3, on the other hand, has 3D graphics that are rich and realistic. The tanks are fully modeled and textured, with smooth animations and effects. The environments are varied and immersive, with many elements and details. The sound effects are high-quality and specific, with music and voice acting. The difference is like night and day. Hills of Steel 3 looks and sounds like a modern and polished game, while Hills of Steel and Hills of Steel 2 look and sound like outdated and amateurish games. Pros and Cons

Hills of Steel 3 is not a perfect game, though. It has its pros and cons, which we will list below.

What we liked

Here are some of the things we liked about Hills of Steel 3:

  • The gameplay is fun and addictive, with simple controls, realistic physics, and fast-paced action.

  • The team battles are exciting and strategic, with different modes, maps, and tactics.

  • The tanks are diverse and customizable, with different stats, weapons, abilities, skins, stickers, and accessories.

  • The graphics are stunning and stylish, with colorful and vibrant visuals.

  • The sound is great and immersive, with loud and satisfying effects, catchy music, and humorous voice acting.

  • The rewards are generous and motivating, with stars, medals, coins, gems, keys, crates, challenges, events, and clan wars.

What we didn't like

Here are some of the things we didn't like about Hills of Steel 3:

  • The game can be repetitive and grindy, with similar matches, missions, and enemies.

  • The game can be frustrating and unfair, with laggy servers, unbalanced matchmaking, and pay-to-win elements.

  • The game can be buggy and glitchy, with crashes, freezes, errors, and exploits.

  • The game can be expensive and greedy, with high prices, low rates, and ads.

Conclusion and Rating

Hills of Steel 3 is a fun and addictive game that offers a lot of content and quality for tank lovers. It has a simple and intuitive gameplay, a exciting and strategic team battles, a diverse and customizable tanks, a stunning and stylish graphics, a great and immersive sound, and a generous and motivating rewards. However, it also has some flaws that can affect the enjoyment of the game, such as repetition and grind, frustration and unfairness, bugs and glitches, and expense and greed.

Overall, we think that Hills of Steel 3 is a game worth playing, but not without some reservations. We give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. If you are looking for a 3D arena shooter that combines physics-based driving, shooting, and destruction, you might want to give Hills of Steel 3 a try. But be prepared to face some challenges and annoyances along the way.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Hills of Steel 3:

Q1: Is Hills of Steel 3 free to play?

A1: Yes, Hills of Steel 3 is free to download and


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