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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Or WCPGW for short. This has become the mantra of the RippedTents group for each of these adventures.

Is it said tongue in cheek? Absolutely. Do things inevitably go wrong? Absolutely. But sometimes if you aren’t laughing you are crying, right? Never had this been more true for most of us than in 2020.

It's fair to say that 2020 was quite a YEAR, but it was due to the chaotic, uncertain nature of the year that this group was born. In most 'normal' years, when there are races, getting a group of friends together for epic runs and adventures can be tough, due to differing race schedules, varying peak weeks and alternating tapers. In 2020, the year with no races, this opened a door for us. Like any true running addicts, while all our races had been cancelled, we had all still been training and getting after our self-imposed weekly mileage goals. Towards the end of summer, we finally decided it was time to take that fitness out into the mountains for an adventure.

That adventure was called Baby Shark. It was hard. We laughed, we chaffed, we snacked, we laid in the road, and we made so many memories. We can wait to share some of these stories with you while also creating new memories together, after all WCPGW?

Can't wait to see you in the mountains! Happy Trails.

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Welcome to the new site. This is intended to be a shared site. If there is anything you would like to post, just hit me up. Also, if any content offends you, please let me know.


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