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Age of Empires is the critically acclaimed, award winning Real Time Strategy (RTS) game with a legacy spanning more than 20 years and nearly a dozen titles in the franchise. Known for its strategic gameplay founded on historical civilizations, the series spans a period of time from the Stone Age to early modern time, and even includes an episode exploring the legendary creatures and lore from mythology.

download Call of Heroes


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After you download Call of Heroes on PC, you should put the same unit together for the best upgrade of more solid quality. Then, recruit new hero characters to boost your gameplay experience and win more. This game from YOULOFT GAMES features an upgrade choice option that allows you to increase the number of Heroes you have on the battlefield.

The publisher is also pushing out its version 2.4 update, which brings a new Challenge mode. This gives players a specific amount of resources (like troops and heroes) and tasks them with clearing a series of seven stages. If you win, you get additional resources and a new reward, Challenge Coins.

From the opening shots of the D-Day invasion of Normandy players will find themselves immersed in a rich single player campaign. Experience the cinematic intensity, courage, and bravery of the heroes that defined a generation, set against the backdrop of the most dynamic battlefield ever seen in a game.Features:

The game's Essence 3.0 engine introduces a new line-of-sight feature called the TrueSight system,[10] which aims to better emulate troop visibility in real combat. In contrast to overhead visibility seen in other strategy games, TrueSight more accurately represents a unit's visibility range based on environmental conditions and type of unit.

The game introduces the "Theatre of War", a series of single-player and cooperative missions detailing various aspects of the Eastern Front campaign from both German and Soviet sides. Eighteen missions set in 1941 will be part of the game upon release with the missions from 1942 onward available as downloadable content. The first of these offerings is Case Blue, a package only free to pre-ordered copies and Red Star editions of the game, featuring the Axis forces during the Fall Blau campaign on the Eastern Front.[13] Later releases include Victory at Stalingrad, taking place around the city of Stalingrad during 1942, and Southern Fronts, focusing on events surrounding the spring rasputitsa in 1943.

Isakovich recalls his first meeting with Churkin at the outset of Operation Barbarossa, employing scorched earth tactics to hold back the German advance on Moscow, leading a counterattack at Mtsensk and skirmishing with German troops through the harsh winter. Isakovich's unit is redeployed to Stalingrad, where he holds that the only thing driving the Soviets was Order 227. Near the end of the battle, his men abandon the line to rescue Isakovich after he is trapped in a collapsed building. As punishment, the men are executed and Isakovich is reassigned as a war correspondent.

You begin as a commander of a small outpost and as the game progresses you must conquer new territories, customize and build up your base, lead your heroes into battle and even take direct control of weapons such as the first-person chopper gunner.

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For more information about the sale and all other things Company of Heroes visit You can also follow Relic Entertainment on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Twitter. For more information about SEGA Europe, log on to, follow us on Facebook, Twitch or on Twitter.

During the warlords era in China, a village located in rural area called Pucheng fell into dangerous situation when its government allocated all its military force to the front line, the cruel commandant Cao from the enemy troops arrived the village and killed the innocent, the guardians of Pucheng were desperate to fight against Cao for justice and to protect their homeland.

This weekend, you can download Company of Heroes 2 for free on Steam and keep it forever. You'll also get the Ardennes Assault DLC along with it as a little added bonus, which added a Western Front campaign to the base game's Eastern Front focus.

For those unaware, Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game where players take the role of Russian commanders during the height of World War 2. Players gain resources by capturing control points and then use those resources to call up additional troops. Because it focuses on the Eastern Front, the weather can play a large role in determining success, and commanders will have to manage their soldiers carefully lest they die of frostbite before they can face the enemy.


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