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Everything You Need to Know About Qmatic KT 2595

Qmatic Intranet is a secure method for authenticating the customers who use the Qmatic System. A specific user name and password must be entered to the system before the customer is able to access the Qmatic System.

Qmatic Kt 2595 Manual


Customer services by using a web browser to kiosk.Qmagic Kt 2263 is used for the system and has a 4GB flash drive for the memory (supplied). It has a 7-inch capacitive touch-screen and it can be hung on a wall.Features Qmagic Kt 2263 includes: a web browser with a touch screen which can be used to view the information online in the Qmatic System. A special user name and password which has to be entered in the web browser to access the Qmatic system.

Qmatic Kiosks and 3-D printers can be used to accept and accept paper and plastic currency bills. The amount of the currency bills that can be accepted is determined by the physical characteristics of the machine. For example, the diameter of the currency chute determines how many notes it can hold at a time. Manufacturers specify that the machines can accept a particular denomination of notes. Machines that accept notes with magnetic ink will work only for those that have magnetic ink characters.

Take a black or blue refill ticket and insert it in the roll to repeat the previous ticket. When you press the start button on the Qmatic Ticket Roll TP 1000, the ticket roll starts to rotate. When you reach the end of the ticket, press the stop button to stop the ticket roll and print the next one.

1. DO NOT cross out any of the numbers in the franked check amount. The crossed out number is unreadable. Qmatic Ticket Roll TP 2k will not accept crossed out numbers as payment.


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