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One Piece (Dub) Episode 400

One Piece is an ongoing anime series that started in 1999. So far 1057 episodes of One Piece have been aired. With a total of 95 reported filler episodes, One Piece has a very low filler percentage of 9%.

One Piece (Dub) Episode 400

Ryan BurgessHello everyone and welcome to episode 36 of the front end Happy Hour podcast at some point or another, we all have to start a new job. It's never easy but having a good onboarding process can make the world of a difference. In this episode, we'll be talking about our experiences with onboarding processes and talk about things that we've found helpful. Let's go around the table and give brief introductions to the episodes panelists, Augustus you want to start it off?

Ryan BurgessAnd I'm Ryan Burgess. I'm a software engineering manager at Netflix. I'd also like to mention that in a future episode, we'd like to do an AMA episode where we'll be answering any questions from our listeners. So go visit front end, happy to leave us a message. And if your question is selected, we will put it on the episode and answer it. It can be anything from coding questions to career questions to even personal questions that you want to ask an individual on the podcast

Ryan BurgessYeah, you can. You can ask me anything. Well, hopefully it's not too bad. In each episode of the front end, Happy Hour podcast we'd like to choose a keyword that if it's mentioned at all in the episode, we will all take a drink. What did we decide today's keyword is setup setup. So if any of us say the word setup throughout the episode, we will all take a drink does that

Stacy LondonYeah. So you basically it's just press a button, it fires it up. And then you have all these things going already for you, which is I think it's it's really slick. And then the front end piece of it was running locally. So I had like, Node running my gulp scripts, or whatever it was like that was all local, not in a container. But all the backend stuff was containerized, which was really

Stacy LondonYeah, my current team and the bucket they are, there is a docker instance, to get going. That's kind of a newer thing. And they're still iterating on it to make it better and get all the things necessary into it. So it's super easy to get someone going. The front end pieces are just I think the last kind of we need to figure it out a little bit better to make sure that we can do development locally, easily.

Stacy LondonOne of the the other pieces to the onboarding was on the 90 day plan, it was like, you know, go find this person, set up a meeting with them and have them review X. And it was like, meet with the product manager, have them review the product meet with someone from DevOps to have them explain the infrastructure to you. And each like personally met with like, some of them had predefined stuff, because they do that all the time. So to have like, diagrams, and you know, a deck to like, go through with you. Other people just like would go through like ad hoc, we know what they know about a particular thing. But I thought that was kind of awesome to get names. Because like, you start and you have like, there's so many people. Yeah, like who do I ask who is anybody you know, there's just a ton of new names and new faces. So I thought that was cool to like, go talk to x Person X and have them explain their, their role to you and what they do. Yeah, definitely

Ryan BurgessTake a photo of it and then upload it somewhere. There you go. That's awesome. Before we end the episode, is there any advice that you would give to someone starting a new job? Or maybe it is advice, like we talked briefly about people who already are working at the company that can maybe make it easier on someone starting the new job? What are some advice that you would give to our listeners?

Ryan Burgesshistorical stuff is the best of really understanding? Why did we do it this way? Because then you'll at least understand that because some things don't make sense until you really get that historical data. As we wrap up today's episode, we like to share pics of things that we have found interesting or thing like to share with our listeners. Let's go around the table and share pics for today's episode. I guess this you may as all started off, okay. Yeah.

Ryan BurgessThat's very descriptive. You just made a new genre of tech. All right. So for my first pick, I have an interesting new podcast that's put together by Reed Hoffman, who's the co founder of LinkedIn. It's called masters of scale. It's an interesting podcast because they interview a lot of people in Silicon Valley, and talk about growing a startup. So in some of the past episodes, he's spoken with like Sheryl Sandberg, and Mark Zuckerberg, I think there's a few other ones like there's only a few episodes so far. But so far, it's really, really interesting and hearing them talk about their stories and where they've come from and how they've built these companies. So I highly recommend checking that and listening to masters of scale. My second pick is a San Francisco specific weather app. If anyone's visited San Francisco or lives in San Francisco, they'll completely understand why this is a useful app. But the app is called Mr. Chilly. And it plots out all the different areas of temperature because San Francisco has so many little micro temperatures, you can be in one area of the city and it's like really warm out and the others like clouded over and super windy and very cold. So this app just nicely lays all the different temperatures out by the areas in San Francisco. So definitely a really cool one. It's really nicely done. Simple. I like it. Yeah. There's not much to it. It really is like you can swipe between the hours of the day and it will change throughout but that's about it. You don't do much else you just see the areas of the map and that's it and the temperatures. I like it.

Ryan BurgessAnd I am Burgess D. Ryan on Twitter. Thank you all for listening to today's episode. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @frontendhh. We also have Facebook, check us out on there. And don't forget to ask us some questions for AMA episode at front end. Happy Any last words for this episode other than setting up your machines? Cheers. 041b061a72


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