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WebOS Open Source Edition 2.0 Keeps Palms Spirit Alive In Cars And IoT

Mobile device suppliers may adopt a "walled garden" approach, wherein the supplier controls what software applications ("apps") are available. Software development kits are restricted to approved software developers. This can be used to reduce the impact of malware, provide software with an approved content rating, control application quality and exclude competing vendors.[178] Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Barnes & Noble all adopted the strategy. B&N originally allowed arbitrary apps to be installed,[179][180][181] but, in December 2011, excluded third parties.[182][183][184][185] Apple and IBM have agreed to cooperate in cross-selling IBM-developed applications for iPads and iPhones in enterprise-level accounts.[186] Proponents of open source software say that the iPad (or such "walled garden" app store approach) violates the spirit of personal control that traditional personal computers have always provided.[187][188][189]

webOS Open Source Edition 2.0 keeps Palm’s spirit alive in cars and IoT



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