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Essay On Romeo And Juliet Love Theme

Thank you, Mrs. Schlottman. I am just working on my English assignment, an essay about the theme of love in Romeo and Juliet and this article was very helpful, thank you so much for explaining the quotes too.

essay on romeo and juliet love theme

However, love remains a crucial thematic element. The roles of Nurse, Paris, and Romeo show us a physical attraction, sympathy, and romantic affection while being the embodiment of love. Analyze what type of love is represented by each character in your essay. Explain, what do you think real love is.

Romeo and Juliet is sometimes considered to have no unifying theme, save that of young love.[36] Romeo and Juliet have become emblematic of young lovers and doomed love. Since it is such an obvious subject of the play, several scholars have explored the language and historical context behind the romance of the play.[39]

Another central theme is haste: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet spans a period of four to six days, in contrast to Brooke's poems spanning nine months.[59] Scholars such as G. Thomas Tanselle believe that time was "especially important to Shakespeare" in this play, as he used references to "short-time" for the young lovers as opposed to references to "long-time" for the "older generation" to highlight "a headlong rush towards doom".[59] Romeo and Juliet fight time to make their love last forever. In the end, the only way they seem to defeat time is through a death that makes them immortal through art.[65]

Thomas Otway's The History and Fall of Caius Marius, one of the more extreme of the Restoration adaptations of Shakespeare, debuted in 1680. The scene is shifted from Renaissance Verona to ancient Rome; Romeo is Marius, Juliet is Lavinia, the feud is between patricians and plebeians; Juliet/Lavinia wakes from her potion before Romeo/Marius dies. Otway's version was a hit, and was acted for the next seventy years.[112] His innovation in the closing scene was even more enduring, and was used in adaptations throughout the next 200 years: Theophilus Cibber's adaptation of 1744, and David Garrick's of 1748 both used variations on it.[114] These versions also eliminated elements deemed inappropriate at the time. For example, Garrick's version transferred all language describing Rosaline to Juliet, to heighten the idea of faithfulness and downplay the love-at-first-sight theme.[115][116] In 1750, a "Battle of the Romeos" began, with Spranger Barry and Susannah Maria Arne (Mrs. Theophilus Cibber) at Covent Garden versus David Garrick and George Anne Bellamy at Drury Lane.[117]

Throughout the century, audiences, influenced by the cinema, became less willing to accept actors distinctly older than the teenage characters they were playing.[136] A significant example of more youthful casting was in Franco Zeffirelli's Old Vic production in 1960, with John Stride and Judi Dench, which would serve as the basis for his 1968 film.[135] Zeffirelli borrowed from Brook's ideas, altogether removing around a third of the play's text to make it more accessible. In an interview with The Times, he stated that the play's "twin themes of love and the total breakdown of understanding between two generations" had contemporary relevance.[135][j]

Romeo and Juliet story has revealed a number of critical main themes. These young people influenced life of many families. If trying to find and study main ideas in Romeo and Juliet essay, it is important to check the following themes:

Fate is the central concept of entire story, which allows looking at the most popular Romeo affair as a single tragedy. Love is one of core elements of Romeo and Juliet essay. Both important concepts are considered central. From first pages of Romeo story, every reader gets clearly it will be ended in devastating tragedy. It shows great value of fate and destiny events. It is written from the beginning that these young, defenseless star-crossed lovers are marked by inevitable death. Fate reveals its extreme power in Verona.

The meaning of gender is final theme analyzed in every essay on Romeo and Juliet. The play shows own vision of masculinity. Mercutio is an exact character that follows idea of being real man, brave and active citizen. He is person of action. Romeo Montague plays role of young boy who seeks for Rosaline and finds Juliet adoration.

Their affection is thrown into feuding world. It takes courage for Romeo killing Paris. Romeo fights and kills him found near Juliet breathless body with personal reasons for such rude action. Hate, fear, lost infatuation are reasons. Committed suicide by Romeo makes his less masculine, thou tells about the impact of true love setting things in right order. Tragedies are stories woman understand and appreciate. They adore familiar relationships that simply contrast ordinary affairs.Require professional assistance? Have no inspiration? Turn to our academic writing company. Here you can buy essay cheap and get a top-quality result.

The love theme is core idea of entire Romeo story. Romeo has first met Juliet on a ball. He was hoping to meet his first darling Rosaline. He was persuaded by his friends Benvolio and Mercutio to visit Capulets house where the ball took place. It still was a fate. The difference between relationship with Rosaline and Juliet was in original nature of true love; Rosaline rejected him and he found his place with Juliet. This love story sets its own rules, principles, viewpoint, and logic that seems free of any standards. This fatal love had its result and consequences.

The happy conclusion and chance for Romeo to marry his precious one were impossible. Due to the deaths of Romeo and his devotee, two families, Montagues and Capulets, have ended their long years quarrels. The light of love has brought peace. If keeping apart fact that both devotees were children, key themes of killing, marriage, death and eternal affection are explored during the entire tragedy.

Structurally the fantasy-overture is in sonata form, which includes three main sections: exposition, development, and recapitulation. The work centers on the battle between the two families, which happens in the recapitulation and leads the entire piece into a climax at the end. The love theme, signifying Romeo and Juliet's love, undergoes transformation from the time they meet to after the fierce battle. Transforming a tragic love story into a music story, Tchaikovsky successfully captures the tension, drama, and intense love with notes and instruments.

Representing love between Romeo and Juliet, the second theme (love theme) particular carries significant meaning. It first appears at 8:30 (m. 183), played by the English horn and viola and then the second half of the theme was played by the strings (see Example 2.1).

The first part of the theme is then played by the flutes with the accompaniment of horns at 9:38 (m. 212, see Example 2.2). At 10:30 (m. 344), the theme is again played by flutes and horns. The purity and peace, signifying the budding love between Romeo and Juliet, contrast two families' never-ending battles. Their love might be doomed yet beautiful, pure-sounding, and eternal as the love theme lingers in the air. Pay close attention to the flutes and horns and imagine that Romeo and Juliet are dancing among everything happening.

For a while the love theme disappears; in fact, the love theme is nowhere to be heard in the development section, since the battlefield does not have room for romance. When the second half of the love theme returns in the recapitulation section at 15:40 (m. 388), what is played by flutes before is not taken over by the strings, but the horns still play the accompaniment (see Example 2.3). The absence of flutes seemingly suggests the (fake) death of Juliet, and Romeo is lonely in the love duet.

When the love theme returns again at 16:30 (m. 410) and 17:25 (m. 435), the horns and flutes are not the main instruments anymore. The love between Romeo and Juliet is not enacted by the couple anymore; the tragic love story is told instead by other narrators or whoever happens to know their story.

In the coda section, the love theme is played in minor mode at 19:08 (m. 485), emphasizing the tragic element of the story. At the final return of the theme at 21:00 (m. 509), the theme is played by strings with expansiveness and peacefulness. As the time passes, the tragedy is perhaps only remembered with sweetness and a touch of bitterness.

This interpretation, using the transformation of one theme, is, of course, oversimplified but offers one way to see how a love story from literature can be turned into drama in instrumental music. Understandably, a 20-minute piece cannot present every detail of this love story; nonetheless, Tchaikovsky's fantasy-overture portrays the intense love, fighting, heart-wrenching sadness, and transcended love with vividness and beauty.

Love is an important theme to Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. It is a central theme of the play, and underpins much of the drama around the play's characters. Love is so powerful in Romeo and Juliet because it seems to be a force of fate, leading its protagonists apparently unswervably towards inevitable death. Nevertheless, Shakespeare shows it can be an even more powerful force; with the death of their children, brought about by love, the warring Montague and Capulet families resolve their long-running feud. The multifaceted idea of love apparent in Romeo and Juliet will be explored in this essay by looking firstly at Romeo and Juliet, and their love which leads to destruction; secondly, it will look at love and family, and how commitment to family leads to much of the violence (and indeed, much of the peace in the play); thirdly, it will compare the genuine love of the protagonists with Romeo's earlier infatuation with Rosaline; and finally, it will explore how love allows the warring families to resolve their decades-long conflict. Ultimately, Shakespeare's play makes evident that love can have unceasing control of events, whether or not the protagonists are aware of it. 350c69d7ab


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